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Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business on a search engine. This strategy entails bidding on the right relevant keywords to integrate them into your campaigns or website. These keywords activate the algorithms in charge of placement on a search engine results page (SERP). PPC also requires you to pay a small fee to the search engines you are using for every click your website or campaign generates. This added layer equals far better SERP rankings and the potential for more traffic and sales.

The key is to implement a good PPC strategy. One of the best ways to do proper PPC is to do your research and figure out your target audience. Google has a keyword planner tool that can help you target specific types of consumers. Still, it is up to your level of detail, research, and knowledge of your clientele to figure out how to attract them and which keywords to utilize. The higher the search volume your keywords have, the better, and it helps if these terms have a low competitiveness factor, so they are cheaper to acquire. Emotionally triggering words that bring about feelings, terms like trust, safety, and comfort, can go a long way to help with your traffic.

Creating the perfect advertising copy is also an effective strategy. How you write the content into your PPC campaigns determines their success. Another primary key to success is localizing your text. In the dealership business, a connection with your market matters. Placing specific text that speaks to your community roots helps ease consumers; most people prefer a local dealer to a national auto group. Your call to action (CTA) also needs to be impeccable. Your CTA should feature eye-catching action words that draw attention like “Now,” “Save,” or “Free.”

Utilizing different types of PPC campaigns is also imperative. Branded campaigns include keywords like your dealer’s name to help target customers already searching for a business. Competitor targeting helps you target the competition allowing you to bid on their branding so you can utilize it in comparative ads that accentuate your brand and devalue their brand. This type of campaign can be very pricey, and while it has high efficacy, it is not always cost-effective. Lastly, a general automotive campaign can help you focus on the search terms that will drive customers to your site. With keywords that respond to typical queries like “what is the best auto dealership near me?” or “what is the nearest auto dealership to me?”

Strategies like these and others require having a good marketing agency on your side. That is where we come in. We have been working in the digital marketing space and the automotive industry for years. Our staff can help build you an incredible PPC campaign and deliver results. Contact us today and let us take your dealership to the next level.    

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